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Women’s Rights Officer fired!

Laura McQuillan



Psychic hotline didn’t see that coming
A VUWSA exec member has been removed from her post and another has resigned in less than two weeks.

Former Acting Women’s Rights Officer (WRO) Clelia Opie had her co-option rescinded after threatening to hurt and kill exec members, and making over $4000 worth of phone calls to what VUWSA Clubs Officer Melissa Barnard describes as “psychic hotlines” over the course of approximately two weeks.
The VUWSA exec is currently working with the University to have the full cost of the phone calls added to Opie’s student records, and to prohibit her from adding or changing courses or graduating until the money is repaid to VUWSA.
Opie was co-opted into the position after Amy Mitchell, elected as WRO in the VUWSA general election last October, resigned before the University year began.
VUWSA was required to use its “constitutional powers of interpretation,” which are nothing whatsoever like superpowers, to interpret the VUWSA Constitution to rescind the co-option, as, constitutionally, a co-opted exec member must be removed by election.
Opie could not be contacted for comment.
Education Officer (Welfare) Chris Renwick resigned on April 11, informing the exec that he wanted to focus on his study.
His resignation came a week after an exec motion to withhold his honorarium (pay) until he apologized to the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations Maori Caucus for misconduct earlier this year, and until his exec work report could be accepted, due to his lack of help and support for Welfare Vice-President Heleyni Pratley and other exec members.
Renwick told Salient that he has been contemplating his resignation for “over a month,” but declined to comment on the withholding of his honorarium or on whether this affected his decision.
Two new exec members have been co-opted to fill the portfolios: Jenna Butt (Education Officer) and Georgina Dickson (WRO).