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Women’s Rights Officer Candidates




Aimee Sanders
Hey there, I’m Aimee. I’m a third year and I’ve sold my soul to the law faculty so to balance that out I’m doing an arts degree majoring in French and international relations. Fortunately, I love what I do and you can usually see me over a vanilla latte discussing any current issues or music. In my spare time when I’m not nerding it up with a pile of law readings I like to hang out and relax; if I’m feeling incredibly wealthy have a cocktail or two with a couple of friends.
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Why are you an ideal candidate to represent women on campus?
I feel as if I’m an ideal candidate for Women’s rights officer because I can relate to what the everyday woman on campus feels she needs and I’m committed to providing that. I’m also really hard working, friendly, open to advice and approachable.
What changes still need to happen on campus??
Changes need to happen in regards to safety and security. Whether we like it or not, women are targets for sexual predators on campus. This means making people more aware of the campus angels service or putting more lighting where places are poorly lit such as the Boyd Wilson field
Georgie Dickson
Hi there! I’m Georgie “Glitter” Dickson and I’m an LLB/BA student here at Vic (Philosophy). I have been involved with women’s group at University since I first started here and decided to go for the role of Women’s Rights Officer because I feel that so much more could be done to serve students & I have the drive to make it happen. Some of my interests include knitting, playing guitar in an all grrrl band and reading books (mostly about politics and feminism).
Why are you an ideal candidate to represent women on campus?
The women’s rights officer position demands both someone who has a thorough understanding of issues which affect women at University and a practical approach to overcoming these. I believe I have the knowledge, work ethic & vision to make things REALLY happen in this role! As “the lady who ain’t shady”, I have no hidden political agenda & am running for the position purely because I am passionate about women’s issues.
What changes still need to happen on campus?
The WRO role has been a dead duck for too long. This MUST change! There’s so much that could happen but hasn’t. There’s a huge lack of understanding about the services/advocacy that WRO provides students. I plan to transform the image of WRO through raising the profile, talking to students about REAL issues and actually working hard. See http://georgieglitter.blogspot.com for details of my vision!