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The Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) results were delayed last week after an ‘oversight’ by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) the day before the results were due to be released.

PBRF results are a scheme for tertiary funding based on levels of research by individuals and schools within institutions, which lend to overall ‘scores’ for each institution.
In a statement on the TEC website, the ‘oversight’ was said to be “in relation to the subject areas of 468 staff who changed the subject area that they were assessed under between the 2003 and the 2006 Quality Evaluations and whose Evidence Portfolios were not re-assessed. They represent around 5% of all the Evidence Portfolios, which contribute to overall quality scores.”
“It does not affect the overall quality score for any Tertiary Education Organisation. Nor does it affect the quality categories assigned to the Evidence Portfolio of any individual. It could potentially, however, affect the overall score for some subject areas and where they are ranked.”
Victoria University declined to comment on the delay.
The results were postponed for release last Friday, after Salient went to publication. We will bring you more information on the results next week.
*Disclaimer: Headline for effect only. We’re all outta ponies.