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Why I Don’t Socialise With Rosemary McLeod

Nicola Kean

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Am I the only person in the world, aside from Tim Barnett, who thinks that Rosemary McLeod has cracked her nut?

Yes. There are gay people in Labour. And, yes, they probably want to improve rights for other people who are gay. Because that’s what representation is all about. Right?
Maybe it’s just gay people’s month on the minority-bashing calendar. After all, we’ve already had welfare “clusters” and Maori. Fair’s fair. Can we have loose-cannon columnists next? Or maybe embroiderers?
Oh, wait, that must mean I’m labelling her anti-gay. Whoops. How intolerant of me.
Also I can’t say I’ve recently been to a “gathering” where the hot topic was the sexuality of politicians. Sorry Rosie, I think most people got over that, like, in the 1980s. And who wants to think about politicians having sex?
Alright, rant over. In other news, I can confirm that James is a weaking who can’t even toss a midget more than two feet. Maybe his technique was wrong.