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Well, well, what have we hair?

Nicola Kean



IN A move no doubt designed to copycat recent headline-grabbing auctions on TradeMe, VUWSA President Nick Kelly has put his recently shorn hair up for sale.
Kelly cut off his trademark wavy blonde hair almost a year ago in preparation for his bid to become VUWSA President. He says he is selling the hair, listed under the title “Nick Kelly’s Socialist Hair (100% Revolutionary)”, to help raise funds for the “Workers’ Party” – in which he is highly involved.
With a starting bid of $1, Kelly says he is “confident that someone will want a bit of socialist hair”.
The TradeMe listing details important events in the life of the hair, including being dragged out of a Labour Party conference by Paul Tolich from the EPMU and spending time in police cells for burning the New Zealand flag.
It has also been suggested that the hair could be bought by one of Kelly’s enemies for the purposes of voodo.
The TradeMe terms and conditions state that sellers cannot list items that are offensive. A TradeMe insider says the auction could be taken down if a complaint is made.
At the time of writing, no bids had been made.