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WRO by-election postponed

Seonah Choi



Damn you, VUWSA Constitution!
The by-election for the VUWSA exec position of Women’s Rights Offi cer has been postponed due to a constitutional oversight, with the date of the election remaining undecided.
Acting Women’s Rights Officer Clelia Opie was co-opted into the position after the officer elected in last October’s general election, Amy Mitchell, unexpectedly quit before the university year commenced.
The by-election date was originally set for March 21 but has been delayed due to the appointment process for a Returning Officer to oversee the running of the election. According to the VUWSA Constitution, the Returning Officer must be appointed by an Elections Committee 21 days before the election to ensure a transparent voting and election process.
The VUWSA Constitution specifies that the Elections Committee be comprised of former VUWSA Presidents, Vice-Presidents or Returning Officers.
The Committee for the upcoming by-election is to be confirmed this week.
Without the Election Committee’s approval of the Returning Officer, election candidates would be able to contest the process and result, says VUWSA President Geoff Hayward.
VUWSA are also working on a new, “more secure” voting website, designed to avoid the problems that plagued online elections last year where some students did not receive the email invitations to vote.