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Vice President (Welfare) Candidates




Anna Duggan
Hi I am Anna Duggan, I a third year BA student majoring in Politics and History. I would bring extensive experience in welfare advocation to the role as a former employee of a politician I had to deal with welfare agencies on a daily basis, so know how the systems work. I am a friendly and approachable person and endeavour to help people who ask for assistance.
Please visit the A-Team website, www.a-team.org.nz
What can VUWSA do to help?
VUWSA is there to help students know where they can turn when they need help, whether it be in a welfare or education scenario, or if they just want a friendly face to have a chat to. VUWSA can assist and advocate for students when they may be unable to do so on themselves, or they just want some support. I would be there for any student who approached me for such assistance or advocacy.
What change will you make for students in hardship?
We are fortunate that the Government provides us with a number of different avenues to ease hardship for students. I will help make these avenues more accessible for students, as there are more resources in these departments than what VUWSA has. I will continue to work with local supermarkets and bakeries to gain sponsorship for the food bank and free bread.
Melissa Barnard
Hay I’m Melissa and I represent students. I’ve been the VUWSA Clubs Officer for the past 2 years and I’d like to think I’ve done a pretty good job. My time at VUWSA so far has been educational and constructive.
I’ve always put clubs and students first and support their funding. This has been seen by the introduction of Clubs Carnivals down at Pipitea and larger club turnouts at Clubs Days, which allow clubs to attract student members. I’ve also dedicated personal time to sit at numerous grant meetings to ensure clubs get the funding they need.
What can VUWSA do to help?
Plenty. Building on and not taking away from the services that we already offer is most important. Clubs and Rep Groups require not just funding, but support and guidance where needed and wanted. Students don’t often know that there is a VUWSA food bank or that there are people here to help with academic and personal issues that affect them. The doors are always open and as Welfare Vice President I commit myself to serving students in the best possible way needed.
What change will you make for students in hardship?
As Welfare Vice President I’d like to see The Welfare Team Initiative between EVP, Campaigns, Environmental, WRO, Queer and the International Officer setup. Positive VUWSA Branding, A more professional looking service for Campus Angels, Clubs and Rep Groups funding to be maintained and where possible increased, sourcing Free Bread for the satellite campuses, and more food in the food parcels which can be achieved by buying cheaper brands which have larger quantities. I’d also like to endorse environmentally friendly products and packaging, as to help VUWSA to continue to reduce its carbon emissions.