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Vic crap at recycling

Jenna Powell



University and Gecko anticipate improvement soonish
New Zealand dumps 3.4 million tonnes of waste into landfills annually, and Vic staff and students are being encouraged to help reduce the waste they create, in line with the University’s environmental policy.
Dave Povey from Facilities Management says the University is endeavouring to reduce resource use, waste generation and environmental damage by implementing “sustainable and environmentally sound business practices” in line with its Environmental Policy.
The Policy was put into practice at a recent waste audit at Rutherford House at Vic’s Pipitea campus. Povey says changing people’s attitudes has been the biggest obstacle, and insists that “cost has not been a constraint”.
However, he does admit that finding the balance between sustainability and what is economically viable is important, especially since government funding for recycling is some what limited.
Aaron Packard, President of campus environmental group Gecko, welcomes Vic’s new ‘green’ attitude after petitioning from Gecko for some basic recycling measures led to the start of campus recycling 18 months ago.
Packard applauds the University for taking environmental issues seriously since the Policy’s release, but says “we collectively need to take responsibility for the way we live”, and that, as a university that “makes you think”, staff and students need to be at the forefront of this kind of initiative.