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VUWTC Seek Party Animals

Jenna Powell



The Tramping Club (VUWTC) is in search of new members to help them party at the annual Bush Ball.

The Ball, scheduled for May 20, promises a classic night which isn’t about being attractive like most balls. Each year there is a different dress-up theme (last year’s was ‘failed super-heroes’), so cocktail dresses and suits can stay at home.
The Ball begins with an hour-long tramp in the Rimutaka Forest Park to a private hut, where youth and drunken debauchery reign supreme over plaid shirts and rancid smells. The club’s chief guide, Craig Ryburn, suggests leaving alcohol alone until the tramp is completed, after last year’s club turned their one-hour tramp into a drunken nine-hour slog.
The VUWTC also offers students more than a drunken night out; Ryburn describes it as “a great way to meet people” and “something a little different.” The club’s events calendar also includes kayaking, biking, a raft race and a naturalist tramp.
The VUWTC hosts tramps for both experts and total novices, and Ryburn wants to clear up any misconceptions about the group, saying “we are not all weird bearded men that smell funny,” with a healthy ratio of girls and guys and people from all backgrounds.
The club meet every Tuesday at Meeting Rooms one and two in the Student Union Building, and more information is available at www.vuwtc.org.nz.