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VUWSA exec wants to ditch NZUSA – Campaigns Officer

Laura McQuillan



VUWSA exec members are contemplating a move to end VUWSA’s membership to the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA), arguing that NZUSA doesn’t do enough work for students.

Campaigns Officer Tai Neilson says leaving NZUSA should always be an option.
“If they aren’t doing shit for us then we should cease membership. There are some good aspects of being members such as nationally-run campaigns around election years and shit which helps all students, and it’s a good thing to be part of.
“If we get stuff like interest free loans that we got out of the last election, partially due to their campaigns, then we may be saving students money.”
Neilson says that he and at least two other exec members are looking into creating a document, outlining “why we should give ‘em the boot” – either to leave NZUSA, or to “make them do a little more for us”.
“Basically, it costs students a lot of money and they have to justify what students get for that. We have to weigh up the pros and cons.”
NZUSA Co-President Josh Clark says NZUSA “do everything in our power to serve to the best of our abilities”, and that VUWSA, being located in Wellington, as is NZUSA, is well-placed to utilize what NZUSA has to offer.
Clark says NZUSA “really values its relationship with VUWSA” and is “look[ing] forward to any dialogue on how we can better meet their needs”.