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VUWSA and NT sign MoU

Katrine Kranstad



More responsibility and strength for Ngai Tauira
VUWSA and Ngai Tauira (NT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last year to improve the relationship between the two parties.
The relationship between the two representative bodies reached a low point in 2005 when initial MoU negotiations broke down.
NT Tumaki (President) Maryjane Waru says honesty and goodwill are the most important aspects of the MoU, and that a healthy relationship between NT and VUWSA will strengthen her organisation and ensure academic support for Maori students is developed and appropriately delivered.
The MoU is also intended to pave the way for joint welfare campaigns and a focus on cultural projects to ensure a flourishing cultural and social environment and to celebrate the academic aspects of cultural exchange.
The financial aspect of the MoU strives to recognise the autonomous status of the two associations, with each solely responsible for their own financial management and administration.
However, by way of recognising the obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi, NT will receive 10 percent of VUWSA’s annual membership income.
NT also aims to become an incorporated society by July this year.
VUWSA President Geoff Haywood wants to focus on publicity for NT and making VUWSA “an inclusive organisation” in 2007.
Together with NT, VUWSA will work on a number of Maori issues and pave the way for greater Maori students’ participation in the university.