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Andrea Reeves



Hey guys, it’s election time again and I would like to say a quick hello as the Returning Officer. Hi, I’m Andrea and I am here to give you the run down on the exciting weeks to come…
As members of VUWSA you have the right to have your say about your Students’ Association. Whether you decide to stand for one of the positions on the 2008 executive, or just vote for whom you think should get the title, you need to decide. NOW!
Nominations opened on Thursday 6th September and will be open until Wednesday 12th September. If you think you could be interested in working with students to help students, pop down to the VUWSA office and have a read of the info about the different roles. If you are already keen on your student politics and you knew months ago you wanted to have a crack at it, or another one as the case may be, fill out the nomination forms that are available at all campuses. And remember, Wednesday at 4:30 is the last time you can put your name in, so be quick. For all you people who aren’t too keen to speak up and work even harder while here at Vic, that’s OK, we have something for you to do too. VOTE! It’s your money that makes VUWSA happen, so make sure you have your say on who is representing your interests. Voting starts on the 21st September and runs for a whole week until 4:30pm of Friday the 28th September, so you have heaps of time.
We have got two simple and easy ways of voting. Firstly, we will have the polling booths running at all campuses during the week (have a look round for flyers detailing time and locations that suit you), or jump on the net and do it whenever you want over the polling week. You will all be receiving an e-mail with the ins and outs of how to vote on-line and a secret little login and password just for you! On the off chance that technology fails a little and you don’t get the voting e-mail by Tuesday 25th September, just give me a call or flick me an e-mail (details at the end) and I’ll sort it out.
As returning officer it is my responsibility to make sure the election runs as smoothly as possible and everyone gets a fair chance. I am here to make sure all nominees, voters and students have all the information they need to have a fair and constitutional election. This means that if you have any problems, questions or just wanna say, “what’s up”, I am available. I will be hanging around the Kelburn office of VUWSA most of the time, you can e-mail me at returning.officer@vuwsa.org.nz or give me a call on 04 473 8566 or 0211842735.
Well, have a great week, study hard and vote smart.
Ta-ta for now.