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Founded in 2001 by Aaron Peckingham, within four years this online Internet dictionary has had more than 300,000 definitions with new definitions coming in at a rate of 2000 per day. Completely open sourced, all definitions are written by users which means that every obscure form of lingo that your flatmate’s girlfriend’s cousin came up with in 1985 will yet again see the light of the day.
A friend of mine coined the term AweSama after 9/11 as a more intense version of Awesome. It’s not yet defined, so if you want to take credit for it, then by all means here’s your chance for some glory on this increasingly popular site.
Definitions are voted upon with a thumbs up or down next to the slang term, unpopular definitions are buried way down the list. Most of the entries are predictably about sex and many are short-lived. Urban Dictionary makes no attempt to discourage racist, sexist, violent, or biased entries because such terms are a major part of slang.
Go to Urban Dictionary to find the definitions of these doozy’s: F ur mother, o0o0o0o0o0o, I am teh ghey sexy, g rat attack, E’ Ya Fanny, F!RE KLAN, T&M, T.U.B.E., S n’ D, s’filthy, r-tard, D her P, R-O-T-F-L-O-L, d suckin h, j slash k, P masta, v it up, A baboonaphile, c in the b.
Dr Universe
Dr. Universe is an explorer. Dr. Universe is insatiably curious. Dr. Universe is as smart as she is curious. Dr. Universe is a cat with connections.
Washington State University have set up a really original and innovative web site where questions asked by the public are handed onto all of their academic staff and an answer is posted.
In the guise of a cat, Dr. Universe will go to the university’s team of researchers for her information, from the field, laboratory or library; if you ask it Dr. Universe will answer it. If you want to contact any of the faculty members providing the answers you only have to email the cat and she can get you in contact with them. Dr. Universe is targeted at children, as the cat-like character urges its questioners to try the library or Encyclopedia Britannica if the feline genius is too over-worked to answer questions in time for homework projects due tomorrow. But older science geeks and the curious can also get a lot out of Dr. Universe.
Here’s some cat-like wisdom:
Dear Dr. Universe,
Since monkeys and gorillas have hands similar to ours, are they right handed or left handed?
Answer: Primates often show preference towards one hand or the other.
But unlike humans, it doesn’t appear that the overall primate population has a preference for one hand or the other. Most humans are right-handed; monkey and gorilla ‘handedness’ is equal in the population. Thanks for writing!
Even though though Dr. Universe is intended for children it is a really cutting edge website because it has implications for the relationship between the public and academia. Can you imagine Victoria University having the competence of doing a website as innovative as this? It makes you think.
With the potential risk of sparking a million letters to Salient from feminists, moralists and the usual lettersphiles I decided to enter into Google the word ‘porn’ and review the first site that came up. It’s interesting to see how easy it is to access pornography when there are no filtering systems in place. Note that this is a New Media review and not an analysis on the pros and cons of erotica and pornography…
The first entry that popped up was www.keezmovies.com which was summarised as: “Free Porn movies categorized and easy to download, niches like porn stars, amateurs, big tits. The best place for free porn.”
The home page boasts: “We’re taking Free Porn to a whole new level. I’m extremely excited to present the next version of porn KeezMovies. Keep an eye on KeezMovies, we’re adding a lot of new features to make sure we can offer you the best possible surfing experience.”
The layout has the usual thumbs you expect from such a site but in typical fashion by being the most popular site it’s full of mass media representation of what is erotic. Displaying a male heterosexual perspective on beauty and what is considered to be a turn on (which is hardly surprising) it features plastic women, blonde and peroxide hair, silicon breasts and perfectly thin bodies.There is however a links list that does have more realism available, for example: Amateur Sex, Ebony, Fetish, Interracial, Lesbian Sex, Mature Sex and Reality Porn.

X-tube Video of the Week:
MONDAY MORNING SEX – http://p29.xtube.com/watch.php?idx=3&from=&v=99R68siv03D& cl=1fNffVhObAA&a=200704150310_mxyBL&b=3Iz2kqOp4Za&s =S&geo_countrycode=&geo_latitude=&geo_longitude=&sstr=lrf ||||F|7p29o3p82566p04p1rr975p635n658n2

Decided to skip the office and have fun with my playmate on a monday morning.