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Welcome to the fantastic Salient website, mark 2. It’s exciting. A big thank you to everyone at CATCH design for busting ass to get this website up. It rules.
As for the website – each new issue will be up on the Monday, and the archive will be slowly filled in over time (be patient though, these things take time). The website will be a way to interact with Salient, it has provided a skeleton in which countless different things can be built. But for now, settle for an electronic version of the magazine and a behind the scenes weblog bought to you by myself (James Robinson, Editor) and Nicola Kean, Salient’s news editor. I guess it’ll descend into self-indulgences, but we’ll try to have a point and make it interesting. Man, blogging is so the way.
The game is changing, and the upgrade of the Salient website to such a high level marks a new start and a new direction for Salient. Salient will always be available on print, and on campus every Monday morning of term time. But with the internet version we can reach an exponentially larger audience – potentially bringing former Victoria students into a network with current students, and mixing in people right across the world who all have an eye for the blend of current-affairs, profiles, arts and humour that Salient (attempts) to bring its audience. People are different now. The reading experience has changed, and it’s time that Salient started to reflect that.
Song of the Day: ‘Revolution Blues’ by Neil Young
Mood: Tired – pre-production Wednesday
What’s griding my grate?: Zinedine Zidane. You head butted a dude, you are not the victim.