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Tomahawk – Anonymous

Lucy Wyatt



Anonymous is the third album from indigenously inspired 3-piece band Tomahawk. Mike Patton (vocals, keys, percussion, electronics), Duane Denison (guitars and bass guitars) and John Stanier (drums, percussion), work hard to explore the historical, the ethnic, and arguably, the sublime truth of North American Indian culture. Unearthed is a harmonious and deeply meditative sound of the 19th Century that incorporates alternative rock – with a twist of metal. The finished sound is hauntingly powerful.
The inspiration for such music stemmed from when Duane Denison found himself on an Indian Reservation only to be unimpressed by the sound he encountered. Too ‘conventional’ or too ‘new age’ was how he described it.
Denison made it his mission to expose the true sound, the forgotten sound, and arguably he and the band have succeeded in doing just that. The album contains a vast range of genres, curiously though, they are all seem to be enveloped by a feeling of intensity, a vital balance almost, between something familiar and something unknown.
Mescal Rite 1 has an almost Celtic sounding chant accompanied by a hypnotically tribal drumbeat. Red Fox’s fierce metal core will douse the listener with primitive vocals, and the wild Sun Dance steps into the thrashy side of metal with more primal chanting. Totem has a slightly more gentle edge, as if it’s concentrating on the fading spirits.
Each ghostly and piecing track has been expertly produced. The result is a passionate and truly atmospheric experience. For those of you who like to blown away, this album will release your spiritual and quite possibly unexplored explosive side. Anonymous allows such a native sound to live on in the 21st Century.