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Pennywise are in Union Hall testing their drums. Our office is shaking. I’ll be attending the concert this evening. If only to relive the days where I felt that lines such as ‘fuck authority… silent majority’ were the peak of verbal dexterity. Seven years ago I bought my first Pennywise album. And five years ago I bought my last one.
Wow, the memories. I’m actually genuinely excited. I’ll try and get some spots on the mezzanine level so I can watch the moshpit from afar and out of harms way. My entree will not be a Big Mac and a dozen Tui, I’m going to head out for maybe some Malaysian and some wine with Salient Music Editress Beatrice Turner and reformed student columnist Jonny Funtime (he’s traded in the alias for a snappy suit). Pennywise were the badass fuel to my wannabe anti-authoritarian 15 year old fire. The confusing thing was is that I was a staunch National supporter, convinced that my first vote would go to bringing Shipley back into office. My first vote went to Helen Clark and by that time my Pennywise albums were in a draw in Hawkes Bay and by that stage I was trying to dress a bit more Julian Casablancas than Fat Mike. But still – do not mistake my enthusiasm for irony. I’m looking forward to it.
Also – one of my earliest musical loves, and one of the few I liked at 15 that I didn’t cringe at when I was 20, is all but broken up. Alas, my poor broken soul. And they skipped New Zealand on their last tour, so I didn’t get a chance to see them ever.
Music ha? Even the ‘bad’ stuff can still hold some good memories. This evening goes out to the “man”. I’m still out to get you.
…also! Did an interview with the Dom about Academic Idol. And it will be appearing somewhere else (don’t wnt to ruin the surprise) this weekend. Votes have been strong but the competition is still infantile. It will grow. We are in the process of hooking up even more prizes for voters and contestants. And you can now vote online.
Song: Absentee – “Something to Bang”
Mood: Bored. Content isn’t exactly flowing thick and fast our way from the Marae.
What’s up my nose?: Retarded scientists who think that climate change is hocus pocus. Just spent 30 minutes listening to one. At least the right wing nonsense came with a buffet. Which isn’t always the case.