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The last lonely letter

James Robinson

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I just found this, and we’ve just sen the magazine off, and it was supposed to go in. It was a letter to the editor, submitted on time, and I screwed up.
So I thought I’d air it on the blog.
I’m off home to quietly die.
Dear Jameslient
I would like to point out a glaring ommission from your feature on the letters. While you included the start of my quote you failed to mention that I also said, “the amount of shit that comes out of his mouth would not be rivalled if the entire university campus had the runs for a week.” As you all probably already know this shall be my last letter to Salient as I am moving on into the big wide world at the end of this week. I am lucky enough to have no exams, but have been working a lot lately for my essays and tests. For all of you out there with Exams good luck, to anyone else graduating Congrats on making it to the end and not giving up on your dreams. To everyone else take care and live life how you want to. Its now time to reveal myself as the person I am, My name is Jono, I’m a final year Politics Student who has been through a lot at this University and seen some ups and downs. These range from the suprise eviction of smokers to the deck 6 months before the No Smoking law for bars, followed this year by the disgraceful name change of Eastside and the ridiculous price of jugs. For the same price downtown you can get a 2 Litre jug. Some high points would have to be TuiFest 2001, where the whole of the student Union building was bursting at the seams with people drinking $4 Stiens…Yes $4 for a litre of beer, and another high point would be this years Salient, I have to say its better than it has been for a few years, good work James, you Knob-gobbling Goat raping Pencil Pusher, you finally did something right
The Oppressed Straight White Male a.k.a. Jono Newton