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The Book of Bunny Suicides & The Brick Testament: Stories from the Book of Genesis

Sarah Barnett



Go to the “humour” section in any book store, and you’re likely to become quickly bitter about the amount of money that tragically unfunny people can make printing absolute dross while you’re churning out solid gold every week and living on a pittance. Or maybe that’s just me. Parodies like Barry Trotter, Bored of the Rings and – oh, how we laughed – The Soddit can make the boldest of gift buyers give the novelty books a miss. But walk where angels fear to tread and the rewards are manifest, to which Andy Riley’s The Book of Bunny Suicides and Brendan Powell Smith’s The Brick Testament are, well, testament.
Powell Smith’s notion is gloriously simple: to illustrate The Old Testament with Lego®. The applications are myriad – quick, picture your favourite book in Lego® (I’m off home to build Pemberley…) – and the result hilarious. For the most part, the pieces used are real Lego® products, and it looks like the Rev. Brendan had some quality time creating this little universe. Beware the detail in the background of the pictures and remember – God is always angry. A must-have for Reli students and followers of The Brick, you can check it out at www.thebricktestament.com for free, too. What a nice guy.
Andy Riley has written for Black Books, Smack the Pony and (one of the funniest claymation made-for-TV Christmas specials ever) Robbie the Reindeer. His limitless imagination and screwball sense of humour combine in Bunny Suicides to bring the interested reader a series of vignettes; bunnies launching themselves through Venetian blinds, bunnies nadsing martians, bunnies standing in line for a bungee jump with scissors slung over their shoulders. His drawings are rudimentary, yet expressive; his sense of humour is blackly black, yet belly-laugh funny; his bunnies are suicidal zealots, yet cuddly. It’s hardback, it’s creative, it’s riotous, and it’s only 20 bucks. Go and buy it.