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The Bleeders with Kitsch, Not Quite Right
and Rearview Murder
Friday 3rd of March, Union Hall
Orientation week 2006 couldn’t have ended any better as the doors of the student union hall opened up last Friday night to a horde of rock crazed , alcohol fueled eighteen and overs. The show began with the energetic performances of Rear View Murder (RVM) and Not Quite Right (NQR), two well established Wellington punk rock bands who have been dominating Cuba Street rock venues over the past few years. Both these bands received a welcoming reception as a drunk and eager crowd poured in. RVM kicked off the show with their melodic punk-screamo sound, catchy guitar riffs and an energy lifting performance.
NQR took the stage second and bellowed out a number of songs from their recently released album ‘Point of No Return’, a must have for anyone into classic punk such as NOFX and the Bouncing Souls.
Third up were Auckland-based, pop-punk veterans Kitsch. Kitsch are a band who have a hard-earned dedicated fan-base. A decent-sized crowd began to mosh as they belted out their set of thrash-style-skate-punk-rock tunes. Crowd-pleaser songs such as ‘Dark Days’ were played, generating an enthusiastic response.
Headlining act, The Bleeders stormed onto the stage at about 11:00 and began their explosive set with a few songs from their new album As Sweet as Sin. Slight unfamiliarity of this new material didn’t stop the crowd from rushing the stage as the roaring guitars rocked the hall in its foundations. Songs off the band’s new album such as ‘Out of Time’ and their new single ‘Nightmares’ held a rockier edge, but still managed to draw upon the bands traditional hardcore sound. Heavily tattooed and dressed in black, the Bleeders vocalist Angelo Munro belted out each song in his throaty, melodic style, a frenzied mosh of falling people and flying limbs, singing along to every word was ample evidence of the loyal fan-base they have created.
The audience wouldn’t let go without a fight, calling the band on for an encore. The Bleeders ending the evening with a Misfits cover, sending the crowd off with a bang.