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SHOCK JOCK: How many UFOs have you seen?
SUZANNE HANSEN: I’d have to sit down and think about [it] … personally probably about a dozen.
SJ: Have you seen any aliens?
SH: Yes.
SJ: What did they look like?
SH: Your questions are difficult to answer. To answer you properly I’d have to spend some considerable time [thinking about it] so it’s a bit difficult to give brief answers. The ones that I have seen, I have experienced during missing time and abduction experiences. They were the classic grey looking ones.
SJ: What do you think aliens think about the films made about them?
SH: Ha ha. Um, well if they’ve got a sense of humour they’re probably slightly amused. Remembering of course that [in] a lot of sci fi movies andseries [the filmmakers] actually use abductees to get some information from them. They use them in a consultancy role, they can glean things from people who’ve had contact. But then of course they sensationalise it, they enhance it and they do a whole lot of things to it. In particular making it look scary and spooky so that in general people will either think that the subject of aliens, UFOs and extraterrestials is either silly and bizarre or just is fiction. And of course it is not. We have more and more professionals andexperts worldwide…[such as] Rudy Schild…who have now come out and said “Hey this is real, this is happening, we ought to be looking at it.”
SJ: Do you think that the reason we have the internet is because we studied the alien craft at Roswell?
SH: I wouldn’t have any idea on that. I couldn’t say yay or nay. I’ve heard the rumour that may be the case but I wouldn’t know. I certainly know that whistle blowers in the America Disclosure Programme from the military…and some scientists have described seeing things that certainly I have seen on board craft. So people like Bob Lazar…engineered a five function screen which I saw [in an alien encounter] years before he ever worked on it… It’s confirmation of what I’ve seen and experienced.
SJ: Why do you think no one knows that September 11 was part of an alien conspiracy to enslave humanity with George Bush as their serpent?
SH: Was it?
SJ: I think it was.
SH: Do you? I don’t know anything about that, I have not heard that theory or opinion so I couldn’t comment.
SJ: Ok, do you think it was rude of the aliens to pass on Aids when they started having sex with humans in the ‘80s?
SH: Did they?
SJ: Yep
SH: How do you know?
SJ: I’m pretty sure about it.
SH: How? [laughing] How are you sure about it?
SJ: It just makes sense to me.
SH: It makes sense to me that this is just another perspective. I’m not saying it’s my opinion but it’s another one that I have heard. It makes sense to me that some of the covert black government type groups who are into big money drugs…and perhaps drug companies have got a vested interest in creating and spreading a disease like that. That they then get a great deal of money from producing drugs. That would make more sense [to] me than aliens having sex with humans.
SJ: I think it makes sense because there were a lot of UFO sightings in the ‘80s.
SH: In the ‘80s?
SJ: Yes and obviously the aliens went down and started having sex with humans.
SH:There [were] a lot of UFO sightings in 1908.
SJ: Oh ok. Do you think it is right for an alien to have sex with a human?
SH: Well it’s a personal choice isn’t it? That would just depend on whether it was consensual really.
SJ: Do you think that it was right of Stephen Spielberg to depict people having sex with aliens in the movie Cocoon?
SH: I haven’t seen that.
SJ: Do you think it was right of Stephen Spielberg to do that?
SH: To what?
SJ: To show sex between an alien and a human.
SH: Um, was it right of him? So you’re asking me to make a moral judgment?
SJ: Yeah
SH: Um, I don’t know, we have a lot of sex depicted on our TV which isn’t right. I don’t know, that’s a difficult one to ask. It would certainly bestrange, it would certainly be unusual to see something like that on TV.
SJ: When you were with the aliens, what were they like to you?
SH: Once I got past my fear of what was happening it was ok, I don’t have aproblem with it.
SJ: Did they have sex with you?
SH: No.