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Students attacked, robbed on campus

Kirsty Johnston



A violent aggravated robbery which took in University grounds during O-Week is still unresolved, despite flyers being placed around Kelburn campus asking for students’ help in identifying the attackers.

The two teenage students were assaulted while walking home from town on Feburary 24 at around 2:30am via the path on the south side of the Student Union building when they were chased down from behind by two men.
The aggressors pushed a beer bottle into one of the students’ face before saying “we’ll stab you”, then punched the other student in the face and stole both of their wallets.
The campus was light enough for the students to give a full description of their attackers as two male Caucasians in their early to mid-twenties, of medium height and build, wearing baseball caps and baggy jeans, who “spoke like homies” and were drinking out of 330ml beer bottles.
Policeman Duncan Goldsmith says that the two men are suspected to have been “hanging around” in the area, and that they may have just been opportunists who picked on the two students because they were drunk, and therefore easy targets.
He also says that Kelburn campus is no more dangerous than anywhere else to walk through at night.
“It’s a fairly well-lit area through the paths, although the bush areas at the sides are very dark. They were doing the right thing, walking in pairs, but it’s just a fact of life these days that these things happen.
“We just want anyone who may have seen any dodgy behaviour that night to come forward, and also anyone who may have experienced something similar, just let us know. So far the flyers have been a bit of a dead end.”