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Sexual milestones:




Losing your virginity
Losing someone else’s virginity
Sleeping with two different people in a day
Having a ‘lost weekend’ and doing enough to fill a Top Fifty list
Lying about all of the above to your children

Blatant rip-offs of the bucket fountain:

Hyde Park’s Diana Fountain
Vancouver’s Gastown steam clock
Belgium’s Manneken Pis
Versailles’ Fountain of Apollo
Niagara Falls

First Year Pick Up Lines:

Do you have a myspace?
Do you prefer BK or MC’D’s?
My Mum’s got these earings…
Are you from my 100 level history class?

Tawa Pastimes:

Hanging out at Dressmart
Taking the kids to Chipmunks
Waiting for Avon
Waiting for the Mormons

University Role Models:

Rory from Gilmore Girls
Bill Gates (dropped out of Harvard)
Albert Einstein (never went to university)
Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210
Chris LaMonica