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Rec Centre Gets Workout

Justin Williams



The Kelburn campus Recreation Centre reopened last week after a five million dollar upgrade.
The redevelopment aimed to make the Rec Centre easier to use and more appealing to the eye. Both the reception and entrance have been totally remodeled, while the fitness centre is now housed on one floor. The men’s changing rooms have also been revamped, this time including individual shower cubicles.
Recreation Services Manager Jodie Preston is excited about the upgrade and urges students to “come and see the new facilities for themselves”.
The project, which had been needed for “a while”, started in August 2005 and was completed on time. The only delay concerned the installation of a new lift system.
While the Rec Centre was out of operation, the gym was temporarily accommodated in the Student Union Building. But Preston believes “the wait has been worth it”. To celebrate, the Centre is offering free group exercise classes this week.