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Mark Wright
Hi my name is Mark Wright and I’m running for Queer officer. I am in my second year at Victoria studying a B.A. in Architectural History and Theory. I have been involved with UniQ since I came to Vic and really enjoy and appreciate all the hard work that goes into planning Queer events having planned them back in my home town of Whangarei. I also enjoy a challenge and am proud of being “Actually Queer”.
What’s the hardest thing about being queer on campus??
For me personally I have being Queer on campus at Victoria so wonderful as so far I have been accepted by everyone and not had any issues with being Queer which is such an amazing change from High School. Although my experience has been good for many people I know have not and this is why I believe in the importance of the Queer Officers position.
What can you do to represent the queer people at Victoria?
I will follow in the foot steps of past Queer officers that have implemented great strategies. And make sure that the role of Queer officer at Victoria is continued no matter what.
Rachael Wright
Hi everyone! My name’s Rachael Wright, I’m your current VUWSA Queer Officer, and I’m running for re-election in 2008. I’m a second year law/gender studies student who loves Tank Girl, karaoke, crafts, dancing, Kathleen Hanna, John Waters films, unicorns, and sushi. I have worked hard in the role this year, and have been heavily involved in the queer community since I moved to Wellington in 2006. I feel that I’m well connected with relevant queer networks throughout Wellington, and the whole of Aotearoa, and I’m pretty much amazingly super-friendly.
What’s the hardest thing about being queer on campus?
Misconceptions around queer identity, binary divisions, heteronormativity (portraying heterosexuality as normal and everything else as ‘deviant’), discriminatory stereotypes, sexual violence, transphobia and more general social prejudice impacts greatly on the lives of many students at Victoria, often in generally unseen ways. These things impact straight-identifying students in many ways too!
What can you do to represent the queer people at Victoria?
Supporting takatapui (queer Maori) and gender-queer groups to make sure that these voices are heard. I’m finishing establishing a queer mentoring scheme for next year over summer, but most importantly, I am completely opposed to the A-teams proposed removal of all VUWSA funding for rep groups on campus!
Sam A
Hi, I’m Sam and running for VUWSA under the A-Team ticket for Queer Officer. I believe in A-Team’s vision for VUWSA, especially in getting the Muppets/retards out of the exec., and getting a hardworking, diligent group in.
Please visit the A-Team website, www.a-team.org.nz
What can you add to VUWSA?
I want VUWSA to be run properly and not just as a political tool for smelly hippies to use as their soap-box. The A-Team is committed to an a-political students’ association. Why the fuck should VUWSA be giving students’ money into paying for the Young Nats ‘club’ to be flown to conferences or for the exec to claim to ‘represent students’ by lying a communist wreath at ANZAC day celebrations…