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Geoff Hayward
Kia Ora, Geoff the Maori here. It’s been an exiting period as your President in 2007. There’s been a lot that’s happened, some good, some not so good.I won’t lie to you, it’s been a challenge at times, but the best moments have been when I have been with you, the students; chanting with students at University Games, partying at Orientation gigs and meeting students, in the city, and on campus. My record is supporting the students, not political agendas. We have a balanced budget, and renewed student action. All in all, we are getting VUWSA back on track.
Why are you running for President?
The problem is that there is so much left to do. It’s the little things that have hamstrung this Association, systemic faults in how this organisation is run, and they require a cultural shift… a shift that requires consistency and resolve in its leadership. I want to see that change through, fixing the Constitution, training Executive members, and a code of conduct (which will be on the table come Wednesday’s AGM). Until this is sorted out, it won’t matter who you elect, one set of muppets, or another.
What’s the biggest issue that students are facing?
It is the threat of a deceptive campaign, countenanced by a half million dollar bribe. Should my opponent and their friends become elected, they’ll break the law in paying you back. In fact, if you vote for them, you could be fined as well. Do students want to be represented by those who are prepared to break the law? And how about the end of Clubs, Rep Groups, University Games, and Orientations…just in 2008? I support these important parts of student life, and I promise that I will not only never cut their budgets, but seek to increase them.
Joel Cosgrove
Hey! My name’s Joel Cosgrove, born in Porirua, raised at Vic Uni, I’m the most experienced candidate for the presidency. I’ve been on VUWSA for 3 years now as a volunteer, Activities Officer and since half way through last year as Education Vice-President. I’m a member of a whole bunch of clubs and in that role and the ones in VUWSA I’ve come into contact with most people at Uni. I’ve lived on $150 a week, I’ve gone for a couple of days without food cause I was too poor, I’ve lived in student poverty and not liked it. All the way through Uni I’ve called a spade a spade and Howard a racist. I’ve stood always for students.
Why are you running for President?
Because this year has stalled, nothing has been developed, compare 2007 to 2006. In 2006 with Nick Kelly, he and I started sorting out the VUWSA finances; everything good that has happened this year with finances has come from that work. We laid the groundwork for a massively improved relationship with Ngai Tauira. I was part of both teams and the key point is having a president who works with their vice-presidents. I’ve seen it when it’s worked and I’ve seen it when it’s gone wrong, I know how to make VUWSA work next year!
What’s the biggest issue that students are facing?
How many people can’t find a flat at the moment? People don’t bat an eye when they mention $150 as their rent, let alone power, food, internet etc. Every year University is getting harder and harder to afford, that stops the people I grew up with in Cannons Creek, Upper Hutt, Newtown getting to Uni, it is a barrier.
Issues such as the expensive Internet at university and the cost of printing out assignments is an issue that hurts everyone. The way in which the university sector is orientated pushes more and more of the burden on students, many of them I have talked too agree, the cost of living and education to needs to be addressed and I’m the man to address it. Joel4president.blogspot.com
Lukas Schroeter
I am in my second year of law and economics and am also taking a Japanese paper. For the last three months I have been heavily involved in preparing the A-Team’s campaign for VUWSA. Together with my team, I have spent countless hours investigating the best way to revitalise VUWSA, so that it is once again an association all students are proud to be members of. I have spent my time making sure that we can deliver on our policies, including a $25 refund for every student and present students with a quality Executive for 2008. Please visit the A-Team website, www.a-team.org.nz
Why are you running for President?
VUWSA needs leadership; together with the A-Team I can deliver this. VUWSA needs a President who has students’ best interests in mind and is prepared to stand up for them. We need a President who will protect VUWSA’s 103 year legacy and the reputation of our university, instead of one who behaves like a Muppet. I have put together the A-Team so that I can deliver on the promises I have made. I will deliver a $25 refund to every student, true accountability and real advocacy. In short, I want VUWSA to be the best students’ association in the country.
What’s the biggest issue that students are facing?
Quality education. University educations are very expensive, and as students we need to know that we will be able to pay off our loans quickly. The only way to achieve this is by ensuring VUW graduates are in high demand at home and abroad. That is why the A-Team will be focusing on advocating course quality in 2008. The Muppets of recent years have diminished VUW’s reputation with their regular antics in the national media; the A-Team will restore it.