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First of all, thank you to all those who attended last Wednesday’s AGM. I have to say that I have never seen an efficient and effective meeting.
General meetings of this type can be very boring, but we got through everything that had to be done. In particular the Executive and Financial reports for the first half of the year were passed. I was personally disappointed that some of my executive members, despite numerous reminders choose not to put a report in. VUWSA is a weaker organization because of it. However, I hope that for those reports that were accepted, that future executives can benefit from the knowledge put on paper. Secondly, the financial records show that we are on track for the modestly projected surplus for 2007.
Also, as President, I want to welcome Vic Earth as VUWSA’s newest Rep Group, passed at the AGM. I hope that come the budget setting for 2008, they can look to being supported by VUWSA.
I also wanted to express my pleasure in the role change on the VUWSA Executive: The VUWSA Treasurer, being converted into a third Vice President, with focus on Administrative issues. If VUWSA is to insure itself against financial ruin, then having an elected representative with the necessary resources, in consultation with an accounts clerk is a good step in that direction.
Likewise I wanted to give a shout out to BOOBS (Brotherhood of Ordained Bogan Students) for their support of “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”: I have to say, that a club like that making some noise and taking time out from the monotony of study at the degree factory, made my day.
Finally, I wanted to thank VicCom for organizing their Casino Night, held last week at The Establishment. I didn’t win much, but I enjoyed having fun with so many commerce students. I also thank The Establishment for their continued work with rep groups and clubs, and I hope that relationship continues in the future.
Well, it’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year. I know that for some of you, things are getting pretty tight financially. It’s no surprise that once again, Government funding for students living in Wellington has failed to grasp the true cost of education. First, it is harder to find part time work when there are so many assignments due, upcoming exams to study for, and lectures still to attend. When time is short, it’s harder to find other sources of income, like work. Secondly, it’s getting closer to the end of the year, and for some students, who rely on money given to them at the start of the year, it gets harder to spread it across.
VUWSA has, in the absence of real support from the government, stepped in to help. The VUWSA food bank is still available to all students who request it. There are rules against abuse, but we are also able to help with getting extra funding from StudyLink, and the VUWSA student hardship fund. If I can make once piece of advice to you, I can say that while it is admirable that some people want to tough it out, please do not be afraid to come see VUWSA for help. We provide these services to help students in need, please make use of them. Let us take the strain off you.
Finally, results from the VUWSA election shall be released this week hopefully. Stay tuned to the VUWSA and Salient websites from September 28 to find out the results. Whatever the result is, please get out there and vote. Contact the Returning Officer Andrea Reeves for more information.
Geoff Hayward