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First up, Snow Games: Come to The Establishment on the 21st of August (during the mid trimester break, of course) to say farewell to our competitors before they go off to Wanaka to compete in the Snow Games 07. Now, I would be lying if I said Victoria were going to wipe the floor, but at least we keep Otago honest… I feel so dirty saying that. Tickets are five dollars, but you get a free Jaegerbomb upon entry, plus FREE beer and bubbles between 8 and 9pm. I don’t know about you, but if you are on a budget, that’s a bargain. Plus stay for so many prizes, including a snowboard, luxury accommodation and bar tabs.
Secondly, big thanks to everyone involved on Wednesday’s Box City. Not only was it a huge success but thankfully no one on the VUWSA Executive got a cold from spending all night in the cold. What troopers and all in the cause of drawing attention to a greater issue.
When you pay your VUWSA levy, a portion of it automatically goes to a building fund run by the VUWSA Trust. The Trust is governed by a panel of members, of which the VUWSA President and Treasurer are ex-officio (that is, by virtue of their positions, not because we are spectacular in any other fashion) and a number of members, almost always with previous experience in student associations, and particularly with VUWSA. The current chair, Alistair Shaw, was VUWSA President in 1997 and 1998 (note: to find this out, I ran to the VUWSA President Board, now on the wall next to the SUB staircase, which incidentally was funded with a grant from the Trust…see below). The Trust administers the building fund, including the funds being managed in investments (not Raython stock), offer two $3000 scholarships to deserving students, issue grants to clubs, rep groups or individuals, own the site where the SJS office is, has Vic Books as one of their companies (that’s right, “student” run businesses…for students), and can, upon the permission of the student body, unlock the funds for major construction projects.
The last major project; the Student Union Building extension (where the National Bank and Vic Books are) was done in the early 1990s. So there’s a bit in the kitty. Two major projects, the proposed renovation to the Boyd Wilson field (so desperately needed, considering how many foot traps there are in that field) and the proposed CampusHub project (the proposed renovation of the Library, Quad expansion and the Student Union Building redevelopment) are being considered to be co- funded by the Trust, but unless students want it, the Trust won’t fund it.
As mentioned previously, the Trust also issue grants that will benefit students (particularly Victoria Students). Some things that the trust has paid for in the past include the microwaves, lockers, notice boards, sex mags, recipe books, club equipment…the list goes on. Contact the VUWSA office for more information, and details on applying.
I know that the Trust in the past had to look at some interesting proposals, so in that spirit, here are my requests for the VUWSA Trust to approve:
A presidential Cessna
An aircraft carrier, to support our air supremacy (thanks to the aforementioned Cessna)
Twelve pool tables in the Mt St Bar
Beer lines to my office, except for Tui, you lot can have that shite!
A Gimp
100 trained flying monkeys with typewriters
A bazooka
A man-kinni or a penis costume (because there is not one for hire in Wellington and I think we could corner the market on this
A red button on my desk (I don’t care what that button is attached to), or a red hotline phone.
A flying fox from my office to the Establishment, with a safety harness and winch (for the trip back up)
A Presidential monster truck
Convert the VUWSA Van to the A-Team Van. MODIFY!
I will await their response.