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Party pills + booze = bad time – Who’d have thought?

Laura McQuillan



The University Reduce Harm committee has produced a leaflet of ‘party pill facts’ in order to make students aware of the dangers of party pills.
VUWSA Welfare Vice-President Maddy Drew has been in negotiations over the leaflet since last year, and says information about the contents and effects of party pills is not widely available. Many students, she says, are taking pills in an unsafe environment with alcohol, or not drinking enough water, and finding themselves in trouble.
Feedback over past years to VUWSA has shown very few people are having good experiences with party pills, with many suffering side-effects such as insomnia and an unpleasant ‘come-down’. Victoria University Student Health is presently collecting data of patients suffering the side-effects of party pills, but were unable to put an exact figure on how many cases they have treated.
Nick Merrett, manager of the Victoria University Accommodation Service and member of the Reduce Harm committee, describes the purpose of the leaflet and cards as being to provide students with more information about the drugs they are taking so they can make more informed decisions. “We’re not saying to not take party pills, we’re just getting accurate information out there, along with the side effects.”
Cosmic Corner’s Tyreena Cook says that pills sold contain information about pill ingredients, side-effects and directions for use. Staff members also inform patrons on how to use party pills, but frequently have return visitors seeking a cure after taking them.
The party pill leaflets produced by Reduce Harm featured in first-year orientation packs and will be available from student health and VUWSA in the near future.