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Part of Me

Sherry Elbe



It is always so inspiring to see great things happening in New Zealand theatre and this play sure is one of those great things. Kelly Kilgour does not set out to make any statements, but to tell it like it is and let us take what we like from it. He is absolutely right when he says, “We all have different definitions of relationships and what they mean to us”. The play shows the different relationships between four people, facing the stage of life of mortgages, responsibility, children and choices. However some of the choices they have made may not be the right ones.
Horny and arrogant Max (Phil Vaughan) first meets heavily pregnant and upfront Gabby (Holly Shanahan) at her grandmother’s funeral. Max manages to take Gabby back to his house. Little (Steve Tamarapa), an old school friend of Max’s, has just left his wife of four years, Sarah (Tania Nolan) to try and find himself. Little then meets Gabby and takes a liking to her as she makes him feel more than just ‘average’. Sarah tries to win Little back but finds herself confronting her past with Max.
Despite the character differences, commonalities are clear – each of the characters are extremely human, craving love, support and the right person.
The acting was very convincing with all actors working well together. Shanahan was a particular standout, with the way she brought out the mysterious and flirtatious side of Gabby quite naturally. Vaughan also mastered the Bachelor philosophies as if he himself had come up with them.
There are moments that will have you giggling, such as Little humping the floor and the awkwardness of some situations. I think I can safely say there will be a moment of choice, emotion and realisation that everyone will find something to relate to – part of Kilgour’s intentions no doubt. This is no cheesy New Zealand drama, nor is it completely real life. BATS Theatre was the perfect intimate setting for this personal play, and I highly recommend you go and see it.
By Kelly Kilgour
Directed by Danny Mulheron
BATS, until August 11, 8:30 pm