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Ouch, they pulled his hair!

Matthew Pritchard



VUWSA PRESIDENT Nick Kelly’s attempt to raise funds for the Worker’s Party by selling his hair on TradeMe failed miserably last week when the auction was pulled.
Bids on the “100% Socialist hair” reached $5.00 before the auction was closed down.
TradeMe declined to comment on the reason for cancelling the auction, but did cite the banned objects list, which includes “bodies and body parts”.
It was unclear whether there would be any further repercussions for Kelly for contravening the banned objects list. TradeMe’s terms and conditions state that a member can have their membership terminated for attempting to sell an item on the banned objects list.
Kelly says he respects the decision to cancel the auction, but adds that TradeMe could have been more lenient, as the auction was intended as a joke.
One of the bidders on the auctio known as David, or “Tubs”, was also disappointed at the cancellation of the auction. However, he had not planned to bid more than $5.00 on the hair. Plans for the hair now are unclear.