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One week of VUWSA dreams to go

Laura McQuillan

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My second-to-last production night is now over – at only 8:45pm. Tony and Steve aren’t quite as lucky – they’ll be staying up all night to get your favourite magazine finished, but I’m a zippy machine (who hates late nights, and has 3000 words on Flight of the Conchords due on Monday).
The ASPAs – the highlight of the student press year – are on Saturday night, and it should be rad. Thanks heaps to Nicola, Sean, Shalee, Jon and Waren – and the rest of the ASPA crew – for making it happen. I’m up for Best News Writer (paid), which is convenient as I’m Salient’s only paid news writer. So keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and Matt Russell – if you beat me I may vom on you.
I’m looking forward to the Salient year being over, for one very lame, self-involved reason. No more dreams about Salient and VUWSA. Just the other day I dreamt I was helping Alexander Neilson with his accounting homework, which involved teaching him how to play Sudoku. Then there was the time me and Stacey stole bed linen from Freedom Furniture, and a nightmare in which I was Harry Potter, running away from Voldemort to the Salient office, but having to hunt through back issues to help out some avid Salient fan before I escaped. Weird.
Despite being glad to leave (although it’s a bit late in the year to make any difference to my abominable grades), I’ll be unemployed and possibly in the dole queue one week from today.
And I’m still yet to write a blog which doesn’t mention VUWSA. Maybe next year I’ll run for President on a platform of ‘Good looks and personality’. Someone has to.