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Oh, no, you’re not alone

Nicola Kean

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Earlier in the year a flatmate of mine tried to kill himself. I was awoken early one summer morning to find his mother at the door, having driven half way down the island overnight to be with him in hospital. Luckily he was going to be ok, physically at least.
What shocked me the most was not that he wanted to die, but that he wanted to die and I didn’t notice. My room was not even five meters down the corridor from his. We got drunk together regularly. I knew he had been depressed, and I knew he had been on medication. But I was too obsessed in my own problems: trying to find a new flat and subsequent bond issues, summer school, working two jobs, a relationship in which the cracks were beginning to show, to notice that he had stopped going to see his psychiatrist. And that he had slowly started withdrawing from our company.
So when his mum turned up that morning, I felt so unbelievably guilty.
Which is why when I got an email last week regarding a online student survey about stress, mental health and suicide prevention at Vic suicide prevention at Vic , I filled it out immediately. And I urge you to do the same. It takes two minutes, and you never know how the information you provide can help someone else.