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MyVictoria a bit crap but getting better

Katrine Kranstad



Still fewer paedophiles than MySpace
Since its launch last month, the University’s new web portal MyVictoria has experienced several outages and access issues.
University Communications Adviser Antony Paltridge explains that the series of outages this past fortnight have occurred due to the integration of the portal with a new content management system.
“We could do this without a planned outage but this would potentially result in the handful of users online at 7am to get bumped in the middle of doing work so we thought we would be conservative and take it offline,” he says.
Once up-and-running, the system will be used to enhance the management of content on the portal and the University’s website. This will benefit students and staff as access to Victoria news, announcement channels and the process of creating custom user pages will run smoother.
Meanwhile, students and staff must be prepared for several outages to come.
Paltridge says: “The planned outages will continue on a regular basis (once a week) for the time being as we keep evolving the portal to add integration to the other systems. We are tracking the number of users online at various times and should we find users starting to access the portal earlier in the morning we will move our outage window so as to not inconvenience them.”
Students and staff can communicate their concerns through the feedback links on the portal. The future direction of the portal in terms of channels and functionality will also be driven through a content working-group chaired by a member of the portal project team.