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It’s Thursday. Again.

Nicola Kean

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So James learned how to hyperlink today (or, more correctly, yesterday), and isn’t he so good at it? And now that I have my own log-in and don’t have to post via email, I too can enjoy all the wonders of html. All those fancy buttons!

Oddly for a Thursday, the office is a haven of calm. We haven’t even had to put on the power music yet. My baby, the news – which traditionally is the last section to be laid out – is almost finished which means I get to go home soon. Getting to bed before three on a Friday morning is a novelty for me these days.
Anyway, in spite of the awful weather, a whole lot of people turned up to the 90 Days Probation Bill protest at Parliament about 12 hours ago. Extensive leaflet dropping by VUWSA saw a massive three people march to Parliament from the Kelburn campus. Nick Kelly and Joel Cosgrove – eternally the worker’s friends – turned up later too. I mostly stood on Dick Seddon’s statue so I could see, hung out with former President PJ, took pictures and said spiteful things about the songs.
Seriously, why must left-wing rallys almost always begin with badly written protest songs? It’s nearly enough to drive someone of centre-left persuasion into the arms of Roger Douglas. Or, lord help me, Milton Friedman.
What else happened today? There was a by-election candidate’s forum at The-bar-formerly-known-as-Eastside. About ten people turned up, and I think at least half came by accident. As in, they went for a quiet drink after class and found themselves rudely accosted by wannabe student politicians. Poor bastards.
So yeah. Have a good weekend. And make sure you read the news on Monday. Because, chances are, you’re not going to be able to read much else. Ha!