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Itchy Feet

Jennifer Howes



I was unsure what to expect from this play being a dance piece at BATS, although I was pleasantly surprised at what a powerful play it was. Itchy Feet is part of the ‘Dance Your Socks Off Festival’ and explores the lives of three people all brought together in chaos, pain and love. It is one of the best plays I have ever seen, the dance factor adding to the impact.
Greg (Jade Daniels) wants to move to a spacious suburb and have a dog, while his girlfriend Anna (Emma Johnston) likes the currently confined and chaotic life in the city. Greg meets a very structured and challenging real estate agent (Lauren played by Rosanne Christie) and there is instant chemistry between the two.
There was dialogue and drama to make the story flow and to piece it all together, although the main focus of the piece was the dance and physical movement. These parts throughout the play showed the feelings, desires and fears of the characters and their relationships as the play progressed. Once Lauren met Greg, both their lives became chaotic – which was the main theme of the play – chaos. How everything collapses in your life, leaving you without security or a safety net, where you are temporarily free…these dancers showed the progress of chaos in their lives until it nearly destroyed them.
The climatic dance near the end were filled with uncontrollable outbursts of fear and rage from Greg cheating on his girlfriend, and a feeling of disarray in Lauren’s life – the characters losing control as chaos began to rule their lives. Everyone in the audience was entranced by this feeling of everything falling apart. It was so effective because most people can relate to it on some level, emotionally affecting everyone watching. It had a surprising ending, but it was done so effectively that it was believable and left the audience wanting more.

Written by Sacha Copland and Simon Vincent
Choreographed by Sacha Copland
September 18-22