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It Makes You Think – Making You Cringe Since 1999

Courtney Sanders



It’s that time of the year again when universities nationwide sucker prospective students through their gates and into their wallets with expensive advertising campaigns, and Victoria is no exception.
Victoria has chosen to run with the ‘It Makes You Think’ television advertisements for a seventh year, stating their success over that time in attracting suitable people to the University.
Marketing manager Wendy Goldswain states that the ad’s purpose is to “communicate to prospective students that Victoria University educates students to think critically and intelligently, rather than telling them what to think”.
Research conducted by the marketing department, evaluating the 2005/2006 campaign, demonstrated the ‘It Makes You Think’ advertisements, despite being in their seventh year were well liked and remembered. The research was conducted in Wellington and the Hawke’s Bay, and in these areas Victoria’s position as a university had strengthened. It also demonstrated that advertising was one of three key influences, along with parents and friends, in determining where to study.
Sally Lankshear, a final year BA student, believes that in comparison to lively advertisements such as those for Otago which focus on student lifestyle, the ‘It Makes You Think’ ads say “come to Vic, we’re boring”, and emphasis our lack of on-campus entertainment.
The advertising began on Sunday and includes the issues of buying New Zealand made, where New Zealand’s electricity will come from, and the oil crisis.