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Hope For a Generation

Steve Nicoll



I was walking through the train station
Listening with my headphones
When I noticed all these hundreds of kids
Completely crowding the station

It was difficult to walk through them
Then I noticed their haircuts, and clothing and could hear them
Talking about their incredibly mundane lives
Obsessed with boys
Totally spellbound with the latest trends
Laughing at stupid jokes
When I was a teenager I’m sure I wasn’t like this
I think
And decide to take a bus
The fastest way out of this plague to my flat
I got on the bus with two others
But every stop on the way picked up more of those
Spellbound teenagers
I was sitting by a window and it was now crowded with them
I tried not to look at them
Gazing at the shop windows
The signs were all bright with impossible slogans
All very simply written
And completely absurd
It’s only the stupid ones that buy into all this
I think looking at it all
I was listening with my headphones and
An old rock n roll song by the Beatles came on
I turned the volume up and experienced the most incredible feeling
I was being taken away from all the lies
With John, Paul, George and Ringo
I was with them, they were my brigade
And we didn’t care what we looked like
Or obsessed about
Or what social group we weren’t a part of
That sixties rock was the closest thing to me
I turned it right up, until it was obnoxious and spluttering
Filling my body
Louder and louder
I couldn’t hear the kids
I couldn’t see the signs
And I was very, very happy