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Has Anyone Ever Found it Funny That Hunt Sounds a Little Like Cunt?

Laura McQuillan



Last week’s exec meeting had a lame turnout, pretty similar in fact to that of VUWSA elections since forever, with only six exec members showing up, and one leaving pretty early.
The meeting was forced to relocate after President Nick Kelly conveniently “forgot” some architects were coming to hang out and there wasn’t enough room for everyone in his office. After a brief hunt for next year’s Guide to Enrolment so Clubs Officer Melissa Barnard could check out the “hot” guy pictured therein, everyone shimmied their buns to the Arctic climate of the Clubs Room. The exec “skivvy” trend turned out to be a sensible option.
They talked a bit about campus redevelopment, and at the end Kelly asked them how much of the discussion I could report. They asked me not to write anything, so as I “don’t get students’ hopes up” about new stuff. Too bad I wasn’t paying attention, except for the part where one architect asked me “what services” are in the Salient office. I think my answer was people and computers. And quite a significant amount of sarcasm.
In the ongoing saga of NZUSA voting, the exec voted to give the remaining three candidates not many votes. National Women’s Rights Officer candidate Natalie Absalom was given ten votes out of a possible 12, after almost everyone wanted to give her full votes, except VUWSA Women’s Rights Officer Caroline Prendergast (who was previously given zero votes by the exec in her campaign for the same position) who wanted to give Absalom zero. “Can I have a big grain of salt, please?” asked Education Vice- President Joel Cosgrove, miming what it would look like if he was holding a big grain of salt.
Two candidates remain for the second Co-President position, and the exec gave Xavier Goldie three votes and Toni Spiro zero votes out of a possible combined twelve. Goldie got marks off for a) being an Aucklander and b) having newly re-elected Co-President Joey Randall campaigning on his behalf, which apparently caused another candidate, Giane Clarke, to drop out. And people liked her.
Spiro only got her CV in last Wednesday, approximately some amount of time late, complete with numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and Random Capitals. “If she’s shit on paper, she’s probably shit in real life,” said Education Officer CJ Hunt, who also said she “sucks” and he hopes “she doesn’t teach her kids to spell.”
Hunt also found it hilarious that the lawyers behind a Memorandum of Understanding on the Team Victoria trademark were called Gibson Sheat, which to him sounds like “give some shit”… Yeah.
Former Campaigns Officer Alexander Nielson was co-opted into the role of Treasurer early after former Treasurer Hu Jia stopped showing up. He admitted to having spent the past night studying VUWSA’s financial review since he had time on his hands, and even VUWSA Trust Chair Dan Ormond told him he “must be really sad”.
The exec aren’t planning to fill the Campaigns position for the remainder of the year, although Hunt said to me “hey Nicola, wanna be a Campaigns Officer?” confusing me with Salient’s News Editor Nicola Kean, who had the misfortune of writing Eye On Exec in the past. (Here’s a campaign for you CJ: fuck off and die – News Ed).
Highlight: The promise of fresh blood in next year’s exec, where hopefully my encouraging of voters to vote for the bestlooking candidates will have paid off.
Lowlight: Despite having left the exec several weeks ago, Hunt’s girlfriend, former Education Officer Delia Timms, turned up to the meeting (or, as my notes read, “bowled up like a bowl”) because there is no better place to spenda Wednesday evening. She spent the next two hours texting Hunt from three metres away, with the texts thought to have read along the lines of “I wanna pash your face”.