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Boys and boys, and girls and girls, and those in between. Welcome to yet another helping of miseducation. A time where we spend all week learning about our moral responsibilities as earthlings-then, post last lecture Friday, get terribly pissed and act as irresponsibly as possible. Bless!!!
Well friends, we are gathered here today on the edge of a cultural revolution. Two words. “Civil union”. Ohh dear. Obviously a heterosexual term, much like other great oxymorons of our generation, such as “friendly fire” and “American intelligence”.
At some stage this year (the time frame whacked a bit due to a poorly behaved Ms Dalziel) MP’s will be taking the Civil Union Bill to a conscience vote. This will allow same sex couples, and couples without a religious inclination, to effectively wed, without the religious bits. This will lift our legal rights as partners from 9 to 100+, just like real people! Of which include; the right to adopt children, next of kin status for same sex partners, and the equivalent to a marriage benefit.
We are one of but a few countries marching down the aisle with this one. In the Netherlands, same sex marriages have been legalised (However this is the same country that allowed a woman to wed herself late last year). Also Denmark and Germany have gratified civil unions and the EU has recommended that all its members look into the issue as a matter of priority. Vermont recognizes them, and Canada is working on it.
In November last year, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled the act of civil union was unconstitutional, as it rendered same-sex couples second class citizens to those who were happily, or otherwise, married. President Bush was quick to react, basically saying that he would amend the constitution, defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman exclusively. Thus this would make any steps individual states took towards legalising same-sex marriage impossible by definition, seeing that there are quite obviously more voting religious fanatics than queer folk in the USA.
In San Fransico, Mayor Gavin Newsom, has been handing out marriage certificates like candy, much to the Terminator’s disgust. Arnie has said that he will be taking steps to make the certificates invalid… What an arse!!! Just like the 39 other states that have banned the concept entirely.
Like everything inevitable… it has its pros and cons. Having an official document may well increase the life-span of a same sex relationship, or at least encourage a greater sense of commitment. On the other hand, it could increase the national divorce rate. Becoming a civil union councilor, I dare say, could be a lucrative career move.
In any case, it sounds like a really good excuse for more gay parties… Bless!!!