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Seonah Choi



Clubs Officer Melissa Barnard was the source of some much-needed comic relief at last week’s VUWSA exec meeting, with line after line of zings, burns, and outbursts about licking the walls. Discussion at the meeting was largely dedicated to the budget proposal made by the Law Students’ Society. Barnard criticised the $1500 requested by the Society for a first-year mentoring programme, asking, “What are you going to do, put your ass on the photocopier and hit print?” Suggestions were made by Barnard to cut costs, including hiring the rowing club to row members of the Society to conferences held in Australia. “It’s called fitness training,” she explained. Environmental Officer Tushara Kodikara similarly took issue with the allocation of $1000 to a wine and cheese evening with a high profile speaker, noting that a door charge could be applied to cover the cost. “I’d pay ten dollars to go if I was a wanky lawyer,” he announced, and pointed out that Le Snaks from the vending machine outside were only a dollar.When the speaker at the evening was revealed to be Dame Silvia Cartwright, Barnard confused the former Governor-General with Dame Edna and asked, “is that the cross-dresser with the pink hair?” Prior to this, she had mused aloud about the type of paint on the VUWSA Meeting Room walls. “If we poured water on them do you think we could get drunk if we licked the walls?”
In terms of finances, VUWSA appears to be “doing very well” in the first quarter budget according Treasurer Alexander Neilson, who distributed a profit report at the meeting. Neilson also suggested VUWSA getting credit card, which he freely admitted that there would be little safeguard on.“This has ‘future fuck up’ written all over it,” Barnard said to him, before adding accusingly, “You seem to be very keen to get your hands on a credit card.” The matter went unresolved, but Salient will be sure to run any breaking news on exec members racking up thousands in credit card debt.