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Eye on Exec – Student Union “omniscient” with secret cameras.

Seonah Choi



VUWSA exec shitty at president for not telling them
A quick game is a good game and the same applies to VUWSA exec meetings, at least for anyone who has sat through a three-hour bore-fest. Last week’s short and sweet meeting was a low-key affair, just reaching quorum and with a disappointing shortage of drama – unless you count Education Vice-President Joel Cosgrove’s threat to take away Treasurer Alexander Neilson’s speaking rights. Ooh.
President Geoff Hayward remained the target of the exec at last week’s meeting, despite not even being there (he was fulfilling his duties at Graduation). Issues were again raised surrounding his communication skills, which suggests our students’ association needs some new material to bitch and whine about.
Various exec members complained about the “lack of direction” in his President’s Report, which further fuelled discussion about problems of communication within the Exec.
In particular, it was alleged that Hayward had been aware of a video camera hidden in the Activities Room under the guise of a motion detector and had failed to inform or ask the views of other exec members.
Education Vice-President said Hayward had, once again, exercised “managerial discretion” with “negative consequences.”
Hayward has declined to comment to Salient about the cameras.
“Geoff is deciding to be on an island,” Welfare Vice-President Heleyni Pratley announced, immediately conjuring images of Survivor: VUWSA.
She added that Hayward had “barely said hello” to her since the previous meeting and expressed her desperation by adding that she had intended to pay him to speak to her.
Other exec members suggested bringing a bong to the next meeting to resolve issues, but Activities Officer Bernard-Bernard Galaxy thought that resolution would require more than the involvement of illegal drugs. The resolution was deferred until the next meeting.
For the few interested: VUWSA may be investing in “lockable file cabinets” to prevent future document leakage. Last week’s Salient reported on leaked information surrounding hotline-spending by former Acting Women’s Rights Officer Clelia Opie – information that only Hayward, Pratley, Cosgrove and Neilson had access to the documents. It’s anticipated that the filing cabinets would prevent having to play exec Cluedo in future.