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As I write this it’s 3am and I’m exhausted from seven weeks of producing the first quarter of Salient. It’s been an incredible learning curve and with no prior experience in managing staff and handling responsibility to this level, it’s been tough. The things I have learnt include the following; sleep is over rated, coffee is a temporary stress fix, and that you can’t turn up the next day after writing all night and expect a good editorial (see issue four “Hope for a generation” for proof). While it’s been tough it could have been a lot tougher without some key people, who deserve recognition and an overdue introduction. Top of the list would have to be Salient’s graphic designer, Grant Buist. For those of you who read Capital Times, he’s the guy behind Jitterati and famous (or infamous) for drawing the cartoon Brunswick. Grant is a guy I respect because he can catch moths that threaten my news editor Laura McQuillan at 2am and still pump out kick arse covers. Buist is one of the guys Salient can’t live without, and a vital part of the last six editions. Mucho gracias amigo. If there is a hierarchy (and there isn’t) then next on the list would have to be Laura McQuillan. Although her taste in clothing is debatable (she’s the lobby group behind the polar fleece revival) her quick and intelligent contributions have been bloody good. Other shout outs must go to Tristan Egarr, Dilini Perera, Nick Archer, Tom B and Joe Connell all of whom have put in long hours without any payment. Nicola Kean also deserves a mention partly, because I feel guilty about making her become an emo (sorry I misunderstood you). The attitude, of being involved just because you want to underpins Salient’s success. Working alongside this attitude has been refreshing and humbling, thanks again guys. Have a great break, you deserve it,

PS- Salient is seeking a chief subeditor with the following attributes; organised, self reliant and possessing excellent grammar skills. It’s a paid position too. Please send your CV to editor@salient.org.nz. We are always looking for new feature writers too.