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Dimmer with Hot Swiss Mistress

Dan Hanson



San Francisco Bathhouse,
Friday May 4

Shayne Carter sheds band members at pretty regular intervals, going through countless studio arrangements and touring bands in his work as Dimmer. However, this revolving door policy is exactly what makes Dimmer such a fantastic live experience. Older material sounds fresh every tour, with new band-mates bringing their subtle influence to bear on Carter’s creations.
Friday night was all about I Believe You Are A Star, Dimmer’s debut album. The powerful rhythm section of Dino Karlis (drums) and Kelly Steven (bass) breathed new life into pulsating tracks like ‘Seed’ and ‘Drift’. The crown jewel surely had to be the ten-minute encore jam of ‘Powercord’, positively drowning in feedback.
Surrounded by the shameless back-patting that is New Zealand Music Month, the show was a timely reminder of the sheer creative force that is Shayne Carter. Despite his historical cred the man just refuses relegation to NZ’s back catalogue, instead promising us great things for the future.