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Death to Islamofascism, Pt 2

Lindsay Perigo



I note that apologists for Islamofascism have gotten their tea-towels in a twist over my article, “Death to Islamofascism”.
Shanim Homayun, Cultural Officer for Muslim Students, concludes from what I wrote that I can’t possibly have known any Muslims in my life and invites me to join him for a cup of tea in order that I might discover firsthand how polite and decent a Muslim can be. As it happens, I have been on the receiving end of that kind of forced genteelness, and had the same urge that I get on those rare occasions when I attend a Christian church service—to fart loudly. I see the flip side of the same murderous savagery of which I wrote. Some good, robust sodomy as the Muslims bend towards Mecca would go some way towards attenuating both their anal-retentiveness and their murderous savagery—though as things stand, of course, I risk decapitation for merely proffering such helpful advice. Nonetheless, I’m prepared to take Shamim up on his invitation, on two conditions—that he keep in check any urge to slice my head off, and that it be a glass of wine rather than a cup of tea.
Wine is an excellent aid in the acquisition of a sense of humour, which Muslims uniformly lack. I’m sure Allah will forgive him this one indulgence in a holy cause.
I don’t think I’ll risk a date with Arnaz Amir, though. With him, the murderous savagery is barely disguised. “Have you not learnt that Muslims do not take very kindly to deliberately injurious and unfair representations of their religion?
How do you think they would react to Islam being reduced to a stinking, stupid superstition? It is counterproductive to allow for such uneducated, hateful discourse.” Whoa! Can’t you just hear the scimitars being sharpened? Can’t you just see the writing on the placards, same as in London: “To hell with freedom of speech!” “Death to those who insult Islam!” And note the unmistakable subtext to Salient—“close Perigo down!”
Not once does either of the apologists even pretend to address the substance of my article. Not once do any even pretend to defend the tenets of stinking, stupid superstition, or Sharia, or Jihad. Most tellingly, not once doe they even pretend to condemn the beheaders, the car-bombers, the suicide pilots or any other variant of stupid, stinking, superstitious terrorist in his ranks. There are well over a billion people in the world now in thrall to this barbarous superstition, and, as noted previously, it is the world’s fastest-growing throwback to the theological ooze.
Just imagine if all these folk were committed to enlightened secularism, reason and freedom! What a different world it would be! Instead, they genuflect five times a day to a non-existent god and a pedophile prophet, and surrender their independent judgement to the dictates of bloodthirsty, lice-ridden old mullahs for whom soap and toothpaste are western bourgeois decadences.
What, I wonder, would Shamim and Arnaz have to say to Ayaan Kirsi, the Somali woman who fled to the west in retreat from the daily atrocities of Islam? Excerpts from her most recent article, “My View of Islam”:
On the issues of holy war (jihad), apostasy and the treatment of women, the Koran and Sunna are clear. It is the obligation of every Muslim to spread Islam to unbelievers first through dawa, or proselytizing, then through jihad, if the unbelievers refuse to convert. … As for the treatment of women, in the Koran and more elaborately in the Sunna, Islam assigns to girls a position in the family that requires them to be docile, makes them dependent on their male relatives for money and gives dominion over their bodies to these same male kin. …The goal of education given to girls under Islam is the achievement of control over female sexuality. The result of this indoctrination is that Muslim girls believe legitimate and often vocally defend their position of subordination.
The lengths a Muslim society will go to in the pursuit of sexual control often cross into the territory of the absurd and, by western standards, criminal. In Islam the minimum age of marriage for a girl is after her first menstruation. Muhammad was engaged to his wife Aisha when she was six years old, and he married her (had intercourse with her) when she turned nine. Millions of Muslim men across the world follow Muhammad in this deed, one of the most prominent examples being the late Ayatollah Khomeini.
Under Sharia law (Islamic law), such as governs in Saudi Arabia, Iran and parts of Nigeria, the civil rights of women are dramatically reduced. Threat of violent punishment in the form of whipping and stoning makes the prospect of financial independence and sexual freedom for women all but impossible … [T]he western world would be wise to recognize the realities of Islam, a religion laid down in writing over a millennium ago with violence and oppression at its heart.
Shamim and Arnaz couldn’t possibly suggest Ms. Kirsi has had no experience of Islam or Muslims—she was raised one, and, these days, regularly receives death threats from them.
I’ll make one concession only. I routinely refer to “Islamofascist filth.” I take it back. The term “filth” is redundant.