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Death of a President

Glenn Walker



The premise of the film is not some perverse fantasy about killing the current President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush. Those who say otherwise either haven’t seen it, or are trying to purposely misguide you.
It is a documentary-style drama that looks at a possible assassination of the president, as well as how the investigation might be handled afterwards, with the involvement of Dick Cheney (who would take over the Presidency if George Bush was assassinated).
The drama does not dwell or linger on the death of the President at all; in fact, Bush being crammed into his presidential car by secret service and whizzed away at high speed is essentially all the viewer sees. You then find out about his death from mock news reports. Hardly a sordid gratification from a ‘perverse’ director.
The drama is convincing as a documentary, incorporating realistic interviews with decent unknown actors, who play their roles excellently, without hyperbole. Without spoiling exact plot points, the drama makes a point in how the government may be more interested in finding a suspect – and making the evidence fit the profile – because it is more politically advantageous, than actually running an investigation to find out exactly what happened, and draw suspects that way.
Considering the current climate, where the Geneva Convention is seemingly open to interpretation and restrictions on Habeus Corpus, this suggestion is not far fetched in the slightest.