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In spite of all the hand-wringing and sentiment of last week, it turns out that this week is actually Salient’s last issue for the year. Sorry bout the anti-climax, y’all. Fortunately, judging by some of last week’s columns, I wasn’t the only one who was mistaken. Without wishing to usurp any drink columns (and yes, I know this is the food column), I have compiled a few summery cocktails in lieu of any recipes (mostly, because I am doing this at the very last minute and am drained of creativity), but also because although it has been raining lately, when the weather is good it is good, and just screaming for a fabulous cocktail. Don’t let that last bit put you off making these babies.
These have all come from a selection of those cocktail books which everyone over the age of 18 seems to end up with. There is nothing stopping you consulting one of them, but they can be a little intimidating with their extensive demands for expensive alcohols. I have tried to keep things fairly simple, so that an afternoon’s drinking needn’t break the bank.
Tom Collins
I have included this because it is simple as well as being a “classic” cocktail, and, adding to the campness of this whole operation, it bears the name of one of the characters in my favourite musicals.
2 shots gin
1 T sugar
1 shot lemon juice
Soda water to top up
Dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice. Pour into a tall glass over ice with the gin, and top up with the soda water. Serves one, but is easily duplicated.
Mint Julep
This is summer in a glass, southern style.
Small bunch of fresh mint
Crushed ice
2 teaspoons sugar
6 shots bourbon
Dissolve the sugar in the bourbon. Divide the mint leaves (about 4-6 per glass) between two tall glasses. Pour over the bourbon, stir gently, and add more ice.
Serves two.
Pomme Pomme
If the ridiculous name isn’t enough encouragement to make this, the “why didn’t I think of that” nature of the ingredients should. I imagine that you could make this go a little further by topping up your glass with lemonade, which would also add desirable fizz.
1 litre carton apple juice
250 mls apple schnapps
Pour both over ice into a jug. Drink with friends in the sun.
Iced Lemon and Mint Vodka
Well, all student flats seem to have vodka kicking around, and if not, it is one of the easiest spirits to find.
4 T lemon juice
Ice cubes
125 mls lemon cordial
Tonic water to top up
125 mls vodka
Mint leaves
Put ice cubes in the bottom of three tall glasses. Mix the vodka, lemon juice and cordial in a measuring jug (or indeed in a shaker if you should have proximity to one), and pour evenly over the ice. Top up with tonic and add the mint leaves. Serves three, naturally (okay, so the book said it serves six, but please…).