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Cobra Khan, Sleepless Lions

Chris Walker




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The members of Cobra Khan are old enough to know better. As evidenced by their 80s referencing band name. Apparently they’re an Auckland Punk Supergroup. This means their members have all been in other bands that failed to go anywhere, but bar owners know them well
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enough to let them open for touring international talent.
Perhaps I can’t fault a band for sticking to their roots, no matter how adolescen and American they are. Because this is teenage SoCal skate punk to the MAXX (scull that Mountain Dew, brah!). You can tell these guys, and female keyboard player, must have grown up with every identical Pennywise album on eternal repeat. It’s probably all been done before, I wouldn’t entirely know. I had all my ‘punk’ albums stolen at a party in sixth form and dedicated myself to unlistenable metal instead (no one wanted to steal my Suffocation CDs). I can’t understand how anyone could possibly still be stuck in this kind of phase, post-High School. Surely you slide into hardcore or discover the roots of punk and toss aside radio friendly immature three-chord sevenzerox removed copies of the Damned? Green Day have a lot to fucking answer for. I could almost forgive this Saved By The Bell punk-rock if they viagra price sung about anything remotely interesting, political, stirring or hell, humourous. But this is dour, dare I say it, emo crap. Check this out: “so bring me something that I wanna hate/why fight the feeling for dancing on razorblades/the city lights are breeding the pain”. Those aren’t even the worst lyrics. Slipknot has more self-awareness, and better choruses. I cannot honestly tell if this is supposed to be Turbonegro dumb or just plain fucking stupid. There is an audience for this… and that’s the saddest thing of all.