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Changing the Climate

Dr Cul-De-Sac



From editorial revisions made to government reports on global warming by Philip A. Cooney, then Chief of Staff for the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality. Cooney’s previous employer had been the American Petroleum Institute, the largest trade and lobbying group of the petroleum industry.

Soon after the documents were released by the Government Accountability Project in June, Cooney left the administration to take a public relations job with Exxon Mobil.
Many scientific observations point to the conclusion indicate that the Earth may be undergoing a period of relatively rapid change.
Humans have become agents of environmental change, at least on timescales of decades to centuries, even as the quality of living standards for billions of people has improved monumentally in the past century and a half.
These models are useful for performing if-then scenario experiments that make it possible to begin to explore the potential implications of different technological and institutional conditions for future emissions, and climate, and sustained and expanded wealth and living standards.
Longer growing seasons are likely to be reflected in changes in plant life cycles and associated insects and disease, and possibly in the migratory patterns of associated wildlife. [Balance? How about more food and forest products for humanity? Lower prices for consumers of food and forest products throughout the U.S. economy and world.]
Briefings, forums, workshops, and other forms of engagement between researchers and stakeholders increase the likelihood that research will contribute to improved decision-making. At the same time, we should always be vigilant in ensuring the independence of research and resist its being influenced or biased by the policy agendas of decision-makers.

California Dreaming
From “Query Letters I Love,” a website that publishes proposals received by Hollywood studio executives.
Gunner, a career criminal, escapes from a maximum-security prison in East America. He is soon thrown into a hellish world when he discovers that much of the country’s population has been bred into mutants by the ruling communist party. Gunner, along with the biker gang The Commikazes, must fight the mutants and communists on their journey to Free America.
An island community of millionaire supermodels must overcome their vanity when giant, ravenous teddy bears threaten their quirky lifestyle on Sparkle Island, a place of grotesque wealth where locals use “cosmetic genetics” to eliminate every flaw in their appearance, celebrate Tickle Festivals to relish the euphoria of hysterical laughter, and thrill their pets with the sport of bungee jumping. Paradise is thrown into a blender when fanged beasts of plush mysteriously arrive to chow down on the gorgeous elite.
Two rebellious college students go into the ghost busting business in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Hawaii. They team up with a “Man in Black” government agent to stop the takeover of their island by sex-crazed ghosts that arrive by cruise ship.
A group of college guys are throwing a party on Halloween and a European terrorist cell’s detonator files on a zip disk end up at the party in a bottle of granulated onion. Unbeknownst to the college guys, the terrorist cell crashes the party in costume to retrieve the drive, and good and evil collide.
The Singing Law Student commits suicide in his home. He was rejected by the woman he loved, his psychiatrist, and mistreated in the asylum. A parapsychologist moves into the home to encounter his spirit. Researching the link between manic depression and creativity, she brings a guitar with her for him to play. She encounters his spirit, and he sings his songs to her, which she records. She releases the songs, and the Singing Law Student becomes famous. His psychiatrist, the woman who rejected him, and the doctors at the asylum commit suicide upon hearing his voice and his songs throughout society.
An introverted history major at Brown University is romantically involved with another history major. His hobby is guitar. Through writing songs to her about history, he is able to express his feelings about their relationship. Once she hears his songs, she is able to respond to his feelings. The songs are: Baby We Need a Little Common Sense Like Thomas Paine, Baby I Need a Declaration of Independence, Baby You’re Like the Founding Fathers They Had Slaves, Baby We’re Having a Civil War, Baby This Is Iraq, Baby We Need a Bill of Rights.
Following a mishap during laser eye surgery, a woman finds she is empowered with the ability to kill with a mere glance.
Dirty Dogg
From lyrics posted on The Playground, an online rap competition for kids hosted by the official Lil Bow Wow website (www.lilbowwow.com) at the time Bow Wow was 13.
Name: Akilah Harrison
Ohio is where i am from and it ain’t gonna stop entill i’rn done, and i rock the playground like no other can when you hear me rap i want every one to stand. look in my eyes, y’all know i ain’t playing thats why all through the city all i hear little boys saying is a-k-i-l-a-h where my cats at, meow wit me now
Name: India Moss
Comin in like a rottweiler i’m too vicious smackin in yo face chewing bubbilicious Rollin around town ridin on dubs and i still use bubble bath in the bath tub Rubbadubdub bouncin in the club 10 year old chick show me some love
Name: Lil Woof Woof
Name: D.J. Steele aka Lil D
Being a kid you can’t say what you want to say play what you want to play even stay out night to day. Because you got responsibilities make sure your room clean, take out the trash and do your work that you got from class. It seems so hard being a child, making sure your dirty clothes is not a pile, wanting your food not hot but mild. I’m a kid so I know there are hills, but we got to relize we don’t have to pay bills, don’t have to work in a field. Get sick and mommy gives you a pill. I’m Lil D, 13-teen, don’t use shaving cream but got lucky like that jack and the bean.
Board Peace
From “The Road to Peace,” a board game designed by the United Nations for ten to twelve-year-old children in Afghanistan. Since July 2005 they have printed and distributed around 10,000 copies in Dari and Pashto.
Armed men tried to intimidate people choosing the delegates for the Emergency Loya Jirga. Move back two squares because you were not able to vote securely. Although some in your community have succumbed to growing poppies, your father has resisted this illegal practice. Move two squares forward.
Part of your family’s crop was taken away by a local commander. Go back two squares to collect food assistance in the next village.
Your community is worried about the abduction of children in Afghanistan but, fearing retaliation, no one voices concern. Move back to the previous red square! Your father allowed the people from the census to interview your family and collect information needed to help the government plan the development of Afghanistan. Go one square forward.
Your neighbors were illegally evicted, and you helped them file a complaint with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission. Go one square forward.
Some families in your community forbid their daughters to go to school. Allow the player behind to join you, or lose a turn.
You almost stepped in a minefield. Go back one square and pay more attention next time.
De-miners who were clearing the road to your village were attacked by robbers. Go back one square to go home through the mountain trail.
A group of construction workers was attacked and could not repair the bridge in your village. Bring the player behind you up and cross together, or lose a turn.
There is a shortage of water in your town because some irresponsible people in the community are wasting it. Move back three squares and make sure you don’t waste water.
You are happy because your grandparents and cousins, who were refugees, came back to Afghanistan. Move forward one square as the family is now together.
It is too dangerous to leave the house today. Go back two squares.
The Devil’s Playground
From a calendar of satanic rituals inadvertently distributed in 2004 by a police officer to seventh-graders in Pearland, Texas, during a presentation on gang activity. A teacher had requested the presentation for her class, who had just finished studying S. E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders.

July 1. Demon Revels. Sexual, druidic.
July 20-26. Grand Climax Preparation. Abduction, holding, and preparation of sacrificial victim.
July 27. Grand Climax. Sex, human sacrifice. Female child or adult.
August 3. Satanic Revels. Oral, anal, vaginal sex with females, ages seven to seventeen.
September 7. Marriage to The Beast. Sex, sacrifice, dismemberment. Females, infant to twenty-one.
September 20. Midnight Host. Dismemberment, esp. of hands for “hand of glory” ritual.
September 23. Fall Equinox. Group sex.
October 28-30. Hallows Eve Preparation. Abduction, holding, and preparation of sacrificial victim.
October 31. All Hallows Eve. Human sacrifices (multiple). Any age, sex.
December 24. Demon Revels. High grand climax, animal and human sacrifice. Any age, sex.