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Campus Angels to boost user-ship

Laura McQuillan



Campus Angels, the oft-forgotten VUWSA service which gets students staying late at Vic home safely, is encouraging more students to take up the service.

VUWSA Acting Welfare Vice President Reverend Paul Danger Brown says the service includes ‘angels’ who walk students home or call them a taxi from the Pipitea or Kelburn libraries, or who give them the contacts of a VUWSA staff or exec member or inform them about bus and train timetables.
The service generally runs in term time and Brown says it “plays an important role in ensuring the safety of students who are staying late at Victoria”.
Brown says sponsorship to purchase cellphones for the Angels is being looked at, as these are “essential safety tools”.
“I will also be purchasing some snappy new uniforms and pretty banners for our people to reflect the service that is already provided.”
Brown encourages students to take advantage of the service. “All those who are employed by VUWSA for this important role are friendly and very approachable so people should approach our Angels to ask them more about the service – we’re truly lucky to have such a team of Angels.