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James Robinson

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How are we today. Last issue for the term… Tear, sniff, hug.
Lotsa mail poring in today. See it seems that people disagree that opposing globalisation makes you a fascist. Ah, well. And it seems that people disagree with me that there is no God. But, that’s okay. It’s all about promoting and discussing alternative view points. And I think there is something in the fact that some people are so against alternative ideologies and thoughts being talked about. Just seems a little closed off. That’s all.
Did you know that film festival centrepiece, The New World, is out on video on Thursday, less than a week after the Festival closed. And I saw a film, and then hours later, saw it on the new release stand at Video Ezy.
Man, I had a lazy weekend. Lotsa videos, and we’re going to kick some ass with this final issue. Oodles of quality cool.
And I need your help. I need some students who can answer some questions for me, it’ll take 5 minutes, and if your keen, just email james@salient.org.nz.
Okayyy. Also, people always ask me if Salient is going to cover the Israel/ Lebanon conflict. It seems that earnest and in depth coverage of this is best suited ot those with more resources. And I am ardently anti-Israel, but I just think it would be pointless if Salient weighed in. We couldn’t add anything. So why bother? I’m interested in peoples thoughts.
Salient made the Sunday View’s “Love It” Section. Yee-ah. Go Academic Idol. Poor Warwick Murray!
Anf fan of Chappelle’s Show will love this, kudos to Mr. Sweetman for the link.